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Nak tahu lebih lanjut mengenai prosedur pembelian melalui ANSURAN KEDAI CHAN?

Sila lengkapkan borang berikut agar wakil kami dapat menghubungi anda.


How do I set up a consultation?

Consultations are easy with the Online Hair Extension Consultation form! Simply fill out the form, including pictures of your hair currently and any inspiration pictures you may have and Lindsey will get contact you shortly with a price quote, recommendations, and answers to any questions you may have!

How long do the extensions last?

The amount of time the hair extensions will remain in the hair can depend on your desired end result and how many extensions are added.

On average, a lengthening service will see the extensions remain in the hair for 5-6 months before they grow out enough that they should be removed.

What are the Hair Extensions made of and where do they come from?

The extensions that Lindsey uses at The Silva Chair Salon are 100% high end real human hair and the extensions are attached to your natural hair using a keratin protein tip.

Most of the world's hair extensions come from India. The Extensions used at The Silva Chair Salon are no exception to this, what makes the difference is how they are sourced and the price paid for the extensions. Higher quality hair is sourced from the temples in India. In India it is a common practice to donate hair at the temples, this hair is perfect for keratin tipped extensions for a few reasons: Indian hair is similar to the widest range in hair texture, and it is what gives these extensions the beautiful body wave that helps them look so natural instead of hanging stick straight (a clear giveaway that you are wearing extensions). Temple-donated hair is also perfect for extensions because of how meticulously it is collected. Before the hair is cut it is put into a braid, ensuring the cuticle (outer layer of the hair) is all aligned in the same direction (ensuring less tangling). The hair is kept in tact in elastic bands and then purchased. The quality of hair used by The Silva Chair is hair that hasn't been previously colored or chemically altered, which gives it more longevity of use instead of breaking down and tangling as quickly. The temples then use the proceeds from selling the hair to fund schools, orphanages and for other charitable purposes throughout the community. This is one of the many reasons Lindsey finds it so important to purchase from sources that only pay fair-market prices for this high-quality hair.

How are the extensions colored?

These extensions are colored using textile dyes and the same technology used to color cashmere clothing! This ensures that the color will not fade as quickly as if it was colored with regular hair color.

How is the extension attached to the hair?

These particular extensions have a keratin protein tip on them that is softened with a heat tool and formed around your hair.

Will I still be able to put my hair up in a pony tail/bun or curl my hair?


Pony tails, side braids, buns, etc. are all still easily achieved with these extensions in. In some extreme cases there may be certain styling restrictions (for example if you have a shaved section or are extremely thin in a certain area) if you have any concerns about your ability to style, we can discuss these during your consultation!

Because these are great quality human hair you will still be able curl and/or straighten the extensions just like you would your own hair, just being careful to avoid placing your hot tools on the keratin tip of the extension. With or without extensions in your hair it is always a best practice to use a heat protectant spray before heat styling your hair.

Can I still get my hair color touched up with the extensions in?

Yes! While it is not advised to use at-home colors you can still go to your regular stylist and get your color touched up during the time you have your extensions in.

How are the extensions removed?

An alcohol-based spray formulated specifically for the keratin tips is sprayed on the keratin attachments, then a tool is carefully used to break the seal of the bond and the extension is slipped out past your natural hair, keeping your natural hair intact!

Why do I need to have a consultation in order to get a price quote?

The price of extensions varies greatly. Pricing will be determined based on your current hair density, texture, length, and fullness in comparison to your desired end result.

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