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BR YM8891-58 / 68 / 88 / 688

BR YM8891-58 / 68 / 88 / 688



Model: BR YM8891-88

Desc: 5'DV+2S(8'x8')WD+DS+ST


Model: BR YM8891-68

Desc: 5'DV+2S(6'x8')WD+DS+ST


Model: BR YM8891-58

Desc: 5'DV+2S(5'x8')WD+DS+ST


Model: BR YM8891-688

Desc: 6'DV+2S(8'x8')WD+DS+ST


Model: DA YM8891-5

Desc: 5'Divan Only


Model: DA YM8891-6

Desc: 6'Divan Only


Model: WD YM8891-88

Desc: 8'X8' 2S Wardrobe Only


Model: WD YM8891-68

Desc: 6'X8' 2S Wardrobe Only


Model: WD YM8891-58

Desc: 5'X8' 2S Wardrobe Only


Model: DS YM8891

Desc: Dressing Table Only


Model: ST YM8891

Desc: Side Table Only

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